From: France.  I love Arts, so on SL I am particularly interested
on all kind expressions that people have to show their feelings: Fashion cloths,
Jewellery, Photos, Landscaping, and of course Music.

Since 5 years, I always wanted to be a model, but there are always reasons to not
do that: RL, SL partners etc.…

Since Mid of August 2016, I decided that my dreams need to come true. So I register to school DMA, learn how to modelling.

I am DJ, I like to share new sounds, I use to DJ at least one time a week in a club,
and that since 4 years.

As Photographer, I love to make photos with people and landscape. I am a photographer for  movie company and some SL magazine.

Now, I have a new challenge: begin a fashion model and to do fashion shows,
and to have more experience on it. Then, I think it will be a new door for
cloths design / model photos / teaching style.

Personal Links:
Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sunday-whitewhood/
Blog: https://sundaywhitewood.wordpress.com/

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