#1113 Sabina

Music of the day: DOROTHY – Get Up

Sabine (#amataria)

Sunday is wearing:

  • Skirt: Amataria – “Sabina” skirt
  • Top: Amataria – “Sabina” Top
  • Sleeves: Skirt: Amataria – “Sabina” sleeves
  • Panties: Amataria – “Sabina” panties
Amataria: MP , FlickrMain Store 

Amataria – Sabina Set is exclusive to event “BLACK FAIR” (stars 14 November)

This outfit (Top, Sleeves, Skirt & Panties) is available in several colors.

It fits mesh body: Maitreya and Legacy (Normal&Perky).

Sunday Logo-4
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