1068 COE

Music of the day: John Sebastian – Welcome Back

Amataria - COE_007-s

photo 1:   Coe Set  (#Amataria)

Sunday is wearing:

  • Bra: Amataria – Sports Bra “Coe” – Rare #1
  • Panties: Amataria – Sports Panties “Coe” – Rare #2
  • Hair: [monso] Lalisa Hair
  • Ice Cream: Amataria – Dick Ice Cream – #1 (photo 1)
  • Ice cream: Amataria – Ice Cream Cone – #7  (photo 2)
Amataria - COE_008-s

photo 2:   Coe Set  (#Amataria)


Amataria: MP , FlickrMain Store


Amataria –  “Coe” set was gatcha exclusive to event “Cosmopolitan” (starts 13 July) and after at the main store.

The Bra and Panties are controlled by a color HUD with different part controlled. The Ice cream exist into 2 different shapes (cone and dildo) with 5 different color  and  othe the left hand you can hold cola can  or Thermal container.

It is compatible with
– Maitreya
– Legacy
– Legacy Perky


Sunday Logo-4

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