#742 Joolie in Chains

Music of the day: KERLI - SAVAGES

Joolie Chains Lingerie (#janaandlittleslworld)

Sunday is wearing:

  • Top: [-JL-] Joolie Chains Lingerie
  • Panties: [-JL-] Joolie Chains Lingerie
  • Necklace: [**Dirty Princess**] Precious Princess Choker
  • Bracelet: [*PetroFF*] MK Female Watch
  • Shoes: [LsR]  Cristal Boots
  • Armlets: [L.I.C] Barbie Harness Upper Armlets
  • Hair: [Stealthic] Intrepid


Jana&Little s-logo

JL – Jana & Little’s SL World on MP and SL

[JL] Joolie Chains Lingerie is available on MP.

It come with a HUD with 12 designs.

It fits mesh body such as:

☻ Slink Physique
☻ Slink Hourglass


Sunday on Flickr (FL) – Instagram (I) – PixelVR (P) – FaceBook (FB) – Twitter (T) – Googgle (G+)

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