#515 Cintia Extreme Pumps

I'm alone in my house
I'm out on the town
I'm at the bottom of the bottle
I've been knockin' 'em down

Lady Gaga - Look What I Found


PACAGAIA-Cintia Extreme Pumps_001S

Sunday whitewood:

  • Shoes: [Pacagaia] – Cintia Extreme Pumps
  • Bra: [Mossu] – Flame.Bra – Red
  • Panties: [Mossu] – Flame.Panties – Red
  • Hair: [*TKW*] Lierop


PACAGAIA-Cintia Extreme Pumps-aa_004AS



Pacagaia on MP and SL


[Pacagaia] – Cintia Extreme Pumps is available at anyBody event.

It comes with a HUD of  25 colors.

It fits mesh body such as:

  • Maitreya
  • Slink
  • Belleza


It can fit Pacagaia – Jenny SET  available at anyBody event  and already blogged on #BL506.



Sunday on Flickr (R) (PG) – on FaceBook (FB) – Twitter (T) – Googgle (G+)


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