#028 Avant garde night dress (20s)

The following  dress from Madeleine Vionnet, was made in 1929 was designed as a night dress.


Madeleine Vionnet was fashion designer. She was called the “Queen of the bias cut” and the “the architect among dressmakers”.

She wanted to promote the woman natural shape with her greek style, and liberate woman from their corset.

I made 2 versions with 1 layer  (version 1) and 2 layers (version 2).  Both are inspired from the bias cut,  and  we have a recall of this idea on the avant garde hair dress and the shoe wing fringes.

This kind of dress expresses fluidity of motion, which was one goal of Madeleine Vionnet as well when she was designing some dresses.

Avant Garde Dress  (version 1) :


Style  :

  •     Dress  : (G&N) Jolee Mesh Slip
  •     Hair :  (L+N) Avant-Garde Liliya Hair
  •     Shoes :  (PHEDORA)  Anael heels
  •     Necklace : (Azoury) Egerie – Necklace


Avant Garde Dress  (version 2)

Style :

  •     Dress (1st layer)  : (French Vintage Couture) – Elsa Outfit
  •     Dress (2cd layer) : (eloise baker) velvet dress
  •     Hair :  (L+N) Avant-Garde Liliya Hair
  •     Shoes :  (PHEDORA)  Anael heels
  •     Ring : (SH) Ring of 5 Moons

#027 Butterfly Dress

The following dress from Elsa Schiaparelli inspired me to make a vintage look coming from the 30’s. This evening dress was made for the the spring-summer 1937 collection, it is an unprinted twill.


Elsa Schiaparelli was an Italian fashion designer. She is well know for her eccentric  dresses inspired from surrealism and dadaism. She use the art of shocking and provocation by using object on  non usual way ( like the shoe-hat, or the zipped coat). She worked with many contemporary artist  such as Salvador Dali, Alberto Giacometti or Jean Cocteau. She worked for cinema and she inspired many Designers such as Hubert de Givenchy.

This dress with butterfly give a vintage look. It shows how Elsa has great power of eyes catching. The fabric of this dress keeps the overall glamorous.


Butterfly Dress  :

  •     Dress  : (Yuki Hoki Style)  Butterfly Summer Dress
  •     Hair :  (.:EMO-tions:.) * SANDRA *
  •     Shoes :  (Glamistry) : CROCUS Heels
  •     Bracelet : ([MANDALA]) Pearl-Rain-Season3
  •     Choker : [MANDALA]) Pearl-Rain-Season3


#025 Flower Fairy


Flower Fairy gown :

  • Dress  : (!gO!) Goplana – orchid
  • Flower : (Bauhaus Movement) – Ryo Headpiece & Scarf  Pink
  • Hair :  (miwa) airship – Hair#04
  • Shoes :  (Yasum) *Zeena Set*
  • Bracelet : (Luas) Galadriel Accesories  – Bracer
  • wings : (Ariel) Wings
  • Necklace : (*EC*) Arianwen Wreath – Green


#022 Warhol camouflage style

bl022-andy-debbie-style-b-20161102_003_001-bmpThat outfit was inspired by Debbie Harry , she was a muse to Andy Warhol. He made that famous picture :


Later, Debbie Harry wore a Stephen Sprouse camouflage outfit inspired by Andy Warhol for a magazine :


The following outfit is inspired by Debbie Harry look, with the camouflage sweater,  the hair and the make up. The short pant makes the look sexier.


Andy Warhol camouflage style :

  • Short Pants : [hh] Evianna
  • Sweat : [Emery Nawal] Camo Sweat Hope
  • Boots : [Baiastice] Platoon Boots-Camo Sand
  • Hair :  [Amacci] – Kayla
  • Jewel :  [SH] Ring of the 5 Moons



This is an alternate view with :

  • Hair : [Amacci] Kait hair .