#480 Hocus pocus tattoo

I'll be the same when it all goes up
I'll be the same when it all goes down
Not the first one, open it up
I'll be the last one closin' it out

Timbaland - Morning After Dark ft. Nelly Furtado, Soshy

WC - Hocus pocus_001A

Sunday is wearing:

  • Tattoo: [Witchcraft] Hocus Pocus tattoo
  • Hair: [*TKW*] Jindra
  • Panties: [Una] Karole Panties Red
  • TOP: [Una] Karole TOP A
  • Chest Ribbon: [Una] Karole chestRibbon Rigged Red



Witchcraft on MP and SL

[Witchcraft] Hocus Pocus comes with with applier for mesh  : Belleza, Maitreya and Omega.



#478 Dress for Spoonful of Sugar Fair

So I'll drive
Ten thousand miles into the dead of night
Till I run out of love for you, baby
Till I've got no more love for you, baby

Black Coffee & David Guetta - Drive feat. Delilah Montagu


Sunday is wearing:

  • Dress: [HEC] – SILVIE Semi-Boho Dress FP KLDFL-00
  • Bracelet: [HEC] – JOE Unisex Biker Hand-Band
  • Shoes: [Yasum] Ancle Boots* 4
  • Hair: [miwa’s] airship Hair#04
  • Hair Flower: [Bauhaus Movement] – Ryo Headpiece Pink

Hot Elegant Clothing on Blog,  MP and SL 

The Dress and the Bracelet are available on “The 2018 Spoonful of Sugar Fair” (running Sep 15-30).

[HEC] – SILVIE Semi-Boho Dress comes with a Hud of 4 colors, and fits mesh body such as:

  • Belleza Venus, Freya, Isis
  • Maitreya
  • Slink Physique, Hourglass
  • TMP
  • STD Fitmesh
  • eBody curvy 8.5


#477 Anita Short

I don't want to lie, can we be honest?
Right now while you're sitting on my chest
I don't know what I'd do without your comfort
If you really go first, if you really left

David Guetta feat Anne-Marie - Don't Leave Me Alone


Sunday  is wearing:


D2T Logo @2018 [black] 700x700

D2T deigns on MP and SL

[D2T Designs] Anita Shorts is available on MP  within 2 pack  Basic (20 textures) or Fatpack (40 textures).

It fits mesh body such as:




#476 Laira Harness


Falling into you, baby
Even electricity can't compare to what I feel when I’m with you
Ooh, baby
Giving up my ghost for you
And now I'm see through

Silk City & Dua Lipa - Electricity


Sunday  is wearing:

  • Top: [Pacagaia] – Laira Harness TOP
  • Hair: [*TKW*] Zwart
  • Hair Flower: [Cazimi:] Hibiscus Hair Flower – White-Yellow
  • Shorts: [D2T Designs] Anita Shorts  ( on BLOG #477)
  • Shoes: [OH PAIR !] MILA  ( on BLOG #477)


Pacagaia – Laira Harness Exclusive @anyBODY.

It Fits mesh body Maitreya body.


#474 Claire Outfit

Every morning you wake up and you're reaching out for me
I'm just someone you could hide just temporarily
Everything you wanted, I knew every part about you
From your head to your toes, from your heart to your soul

DVBBS & Blackbear - IDWK



Sunday is wearing:

  • Skirt: [-JL-] Claire Outfit Skirt
  • Top: [-JL-] Claire Outfit Top
  • Hair: [=DeLa*=] Fitted Mesh Hair “Rowen”
  • Shoes: [N-core] ERICA (not shown)
  • Item: [Avenge] Cockie water bottle – PVC (pose 1 mod)


Jana&Little s-logo

Jana & Little’s SL world on MP and SL

[-JL-] Claire Outfit  (top & mini skirt) is available on MP and comes with a HUD with 12 texture (6 net & 6 plain designs).

It fits mesh body such as:

☻ Maitreya
☻ Slink – Physique & Hourglass
☻  Belleza – Venus, Isis & Freya
☻ Tonic Curvy & Fine
☻  eBody Curvy & Classic


#473 Valeska Dress

I  can feel your heartbeat
Hold me when I can't breathe
Got me feeling lucky
I'm never gonna rush

Great Good Fine Ok - Touch



Sunday is wearing:
  • Dress: [Pacagaia] – Valeska Dress
  • Panties: [-JL-] Laura Micro Bikini Panties
  • Shoes: [N-core] PATENT MULES
  • Bracelet: [L.I.C] Slave Bracelet Left
  • Hair Flower: [Cazimi] Hibiscus Hair Flower – Orange Sunset
  • Hair: [*TKW*] Zwart



Pacagaia on MP and SL


♥ Valeska Dress ♥ is available on MP and comes with a Hud  of 7 colors.
This Dress is  compatible with:

• Belleza Venus
• Maitreya Lara
• Slink Hourglass, Physique
• Tonic  Fine, Curvy


#472 Lee Dress

I like it when you're vocal
Speaking over my body
Treat it like a temple
Boy, this ain't no novelty

Era Istrefi - Oh God feat. Konshens




Sunday is wearing:

  • Dress: [-JL-] Lee Dress
  • Shoes: [-KC-] ZOE Mules / PAIR
  • Hair: [*TKW*] Jindra


Jana&Little s-logo

Jana & Little’s SL world on MP and SL

-JL- Lee Dress is available on MP and come with a HUD (12 colors for dress & panties)


That Dress with  panties fits body such as:

☻ Maitreya
☻  Slink – Physique & Hourglass


#471 Toe Anklets  

I don't need you, 'cause I got me
I don't need you for me to be somebody
Let me move, let me breathe
I don't need you for me to be somebody
To be somebody

Steve Aoki & Nicky Romero - Be Somebody feat. Kiiara

LIC jewell_A

Sunday is wearing:

  • Anklets[L.I.C] Jewelust Toe Anklets


Complete outfit at blog #470.



L.I.C  on MP and SL.


[L.I.C] Jewelust Toe Anklets  is available on MP, and come with a HUD for changing metal and the color of the jewels.

It fits mesh body such as :

  • Maitreya
  • The Mesh Project
  • Tonic Fine, Curvy
  • Slink Physique, Hourglass
  • Belleza