#344 On my tiger

And the sign said long haired, freaky people need not apply
And the sign said long haired, freaky people need not apply
Fatboy Slim - Don't Let The Man Get You Down

WC - Tattoo - blue_001B

Sunday is wearing:

  • Tattoo: [WitchCraft] Aster Tattoo Maitreya
  • Bikini: [erratic] / ivy – slingshot bikini
  • Blindfold: [erratic] / chris – blindfold / white
  • Ankle Cuff[*MUKA*] Cuff Love – Ankle Cuff
  • Wrist Cuff: [*MUKA*] Cuff Love – Wrist Cuff
  • Ring: [.:(CW):.] Jaylen Flower Ring
  • Shoes: [hh] Kerry Butterfly Gem Heels
  • Hair: [=DeLa*=] Mesh Hair “Khatia” Blondes



WitchCraft on MP and SL

[WitchCraft] Aster Tattoo is an exclusive item on  The Blue Heart Event.

That tattoo is sold with an applier on:  Belleza, Maitreya, Omega.



#343 laying in bed

Around the world, around the world 
Around the world, around the world 

Daft Punk - Around The World

Laying in bed_004S

Sunday is wearing:



Lindy In Chains on MP or SL

[L.I.C] Secret Heart Fitted Panties is sold on MP and come with a HUD for adjusting metal and Jewels colors.

It sold with sizes :

  • Maitreya
  • Tonic Fine, Curvy
  • The Mesh Project
  • Slink Physique, Hourglass




#342 Thank you

Thank you to all my followers for your encouragements  with all your Favorites (or like)  and comments. Thank you for all  my sponsors who continue to help me to blog more such as D2T,  [IGGI] Style,  L.I.C,  WitchCraft  and   Xtravagance.

Sunday-Blog-2018-17-Thank you_002B

Sunday is wearing:

  • Pants: [Envy] Bonnie Pants
  • Top: [Envy] Bonnie Top
  • Forearms: [L.I.C] Gold Standard Forearms
  • Bracelet: [L.I.C] Gold Standard arm bands
  • Ring: [.:(CW):.] Jaylen Flower Ring
  • Hair: [*TKW*] Roca



#341 With pink Harness

Four letter word just to get me along
It's a difficulty and I'm biting on my tongue
And I I keep stalling, keeping me together
People around gotta find something to say now

The Ting Tings - That's Not My Name

SUNDAY-blog-2018- LIC - harneess_005A

Sunday is wearing :

  • Harness : [L.I.C] Barbie Full Harness Crotchless
  • Necklace: [-SECRETS-] Xandra Neck Piece – Silver
  • Nipple Jewel: [-SECRETS-] Xandra Nipples Piece – Silver
  • Panties: [-SECRETS-] Xandra Venus Shield – Silver
  • Ring: [.:(CW):.] Jaylen Flower Ring{L} (wear me)
  • Hair [*TKW*] Dubet
  • Crown: [ERSCH & BEO] – Boudoir Secrets gacha – crown_WHITE


That photo was taken at Gale  Storm Retreat.



L.I.C on MP or SL

“Barbie” Full harness Crotchless  is sold on MP and comes with an amazing HUD for texturing it.  It’s an Original Fitted Mesh for :

  • Maitreya
  • TMP
  • Slink Hourglass, Physique
  • Tonic Fine, Curvy


#340 Sea Princess (D2T)

I hear you´re leaving town
And I am feeling down
You should know that nothing leaves my side
I´m gonna come round

Gin Wigmore - Hey Ho

D2T-bikini with strap mermaid_007A


Sunday is wearing:


D2T Designs [Logo]

D2T Designs on MP or SL


[D2T Designs] Wrapped Body is sold  on MP with on a Fatpack or basic Pack  version.

That outfit is available for  size:




#339 Jessica

Yeah, when you touch my hand and talk sweet talk
I got a knockin' in my knees and a wobble in my walk
And I'm tremblin'
That's right, you got me shakin'

Jack White - I'm Shakin'


Sunday is wearing:

  • Pants: [[IGGI]] Jessica Pants
  • Top: [[IGGI]] Jessica Top
  • Bracelet : [**RE**] Orbit Bracelet
  • Necklace : [**RE**] Orbit Necklace
  • Ring: [.:(CW):.] Jaylen Flower Ring
  • Shoes: [::MA::] Maitreya High Wedge Sneakers “Kingston”
  • Hat: [AD] – SUN HAT
  • Hair: [AD] – justice – LIGHT REDS


That photo was take at la clef des champs.


IGGI Style on MP and SL 

[[IGGI]] – Jessica Sport Set (Top & Capris) is sold with a hud of 30 textures and you can fin on MP too.

Fits mesh body such as :

[✔] Belleza Venus, Isis, Freya


[✔]Slink Physique, HourGlass

[✔]Tonic Fine , Curvy





#338 Cute bikini (Smoke Fashion)

Thought that I was going crazy
Just havin' one those days, yeah
Didn't know what to do
Then there was you

Kylie Minogue - Love At First Sight

Lexxi-Sunday - bikin_002C

Lexxi (red) and Sunday (yellow) are wearing together:


smoke fashion logo 1024

Smoke Fashion on MP or SL

[Smoke Fashion] – Brooke Outfit comes with a HUD of 12 textures, it fits mesh bodies such as : Maitreya, Slink (both).



#337 At la clef des champs

Never really felt bad about it
As we drank deep from a lie
Cause I felt melting magnets babe
The second I saw you through half-shut eyes

Disclosure - Magnets ft. Lorde


Sunday is wearing :



WitchCraft on MP or SL


[WitchCraft] Jasmine Outfit is an exclusive item at : THE SERCRET GARDEN event.





#336 Nacy lace dress

Oh, wherever you go, you know I will follow you
You know I will run to you
Oh, the sun and the moon
It don't matter what you do

SYNAPSON - Hide Away (feat. Holly)


Sunday is wearing:

  • Dress: [::XT::] Nacy Lace Dress
  • Shoes: [N-core] VALKYRIE Fur Boots (Thigh) “Camel”
  • Ring: [.:(CW):.] Jaylen Flower Ring
  • Bracelet: [EarthStones] Krishna Wide Cuff Bracelet
  • Hair: [*TKW*] Bocek

That photo was taken at La clef des champs.


::XT:: or Xtravagance on MP or SL

::XT:: – Nancy Lace Dress is sold on MP as well, it come with a HUD of 25 textures.

Sizes includes:

[✔] Belleza ( all )

[✔] Maitreya

[✔] Slink ( all )

[✔] Tmp

[✔] eBODY ( Curvy )

[✔] Altamura